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My Teaching Philosophy

Through my own vocal work I’ve come to understand that voice is a unique medium that can enrich and facilitate our growth, both as individuals and as a part of a community.


In my teaching practice, I draw on diverse methods and techniques that are rooted in cultivating vocal awareness and embodiment. I believe we can use singing as an access point for building awareness of our tensions and unconscious habits, and through breath and sound exploration we can then begin to shift and release these patterns.


In lessons, I cater to the needs and goals of each individual student whether that is learning to sing on pitch, developing and expanding range, singing from the whole body, or preparing for a performance or audition. I bring warmth, patience and humour to each lesson, and encourage students to explore different styles and sounds so they may become more comfortable and empowered as vocalists.  My intention is to offer students the tools and encouragement they need to feel confident expressing themselves as they build a deeper relationship with their voice. 


Voice Lessons

All ages and levels welcome

Lessons are open to anyone wishing to explore and gain insight and awareness into their voice and body. Lessons are currently taught online via zoom.

Rates - $50/hour, $40/45 minutes

For weekly and bi-weekly lessons, payment is due at the beginning of each month via e-transfer, cheque or cash.

*Sliding scale rates available as well as trades. Email me at for more information.

Please read Studio and Cancellation Policy below before booking a lesson.


Vocal Workshops

embodiment, technique and health

Intro to Vocal Embodiment Workshop 

Find your voice through cultivating a deeper relationship with your body.


In this workshop we will play with ways of expanding and nourishing our relationship to voice through grounding and centering in the body. We will explore the voice as a healer as well as a conduit for self expression and creativity. Activities will include automatic writing, guided meditation, improv exercises, exploring movement through sound, and creating an original song together. No previous writing, singing or meditation experience is necessary. 

Private workshops available by request.


Introduction to Vocal Technique and Health 

More info available upon request

 I studied voice with Emma regularly for a year, and still notice the benefits two years later.  Their patient training helped me with vocal control, accuracy and improvisation, and they managed to teach me a lot about music theory, sight reading and my own abilities while they were at it. 

I always felt that Emma's lessons were personally tailored to my abilities and my goals, and they helped develop a vocal foundation I have been able to apply to a wide variety of musical styles including jazz, pop, folk and heavy metal.  

Take lessons from Emma. You and your music are worth it. 

Zac B.

When I started lessons with Emma, I was hoping to improve my singing voice. Not only did Emma help with that, but also I learned about phrasing, expression and even improving the songs I was writing and recording. Emma is a perceptive and supportive teacher and I recommend them highly.

Irwin D.

Payment and Cancellation Policy

Payment is accepted through monthly pre-payments, paid at the beginning of each month by cheque, cash or e-transfer. The monthly rate will vary depending on how many weeks of lessons per month (ie: stat holidays may be taken off depending on your schedule and preference), and if your lessons are weekly or bi-weekly. For students taking only occasional lessons, lesson to lesson payment is acceptable. If needed, monthly invoices can be sent out by email.


If this payment plan is not financially feasible, sliding scale rates are available. Please let me know and we will work something out.


If you are unable to make a lesson for any reason, the sooner you can let me know the better. Make-up lessons are available when notice is given at least 24 hours prior, anything less than 24 hours notice will mean that you forfeit payment for that lesson. An exception to this is cancelling due to sudden illness, as I understand it's not always possible to give 24 hours notice. If I am unable to teach due to my own illness or a performance, a make up lesson is guaranteed.

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